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Simple is Beautiful

Here’s an easy way to buy a car that most people aren’t aware of today.

Most people don’t know about this option for getting their vehicles

I’m going to share with you something that I’ve never shared before with anyone.

With this information you’ll be in the driver seat when it comes time to buy your next car – you’ll get the best deal possible, the best financing and save time and money.

All this is wrapped up in a no-stress experience that is pleasant and fun.

Sound hard to believe? Keep reading and I’ll prove my point to you.

For most people buying a car is their second largest purchase after a home, and the entire process can be scary and intimidating.

You probably already know this when someone says, “I have to buy a car!”

For most people buying a car, it is currently not a pleasant experience, it’s outdated, confrontational, and inconvenient. Dealers like it that way because it gives them the upper hand.

Even though people don’t like it, haggling and negotiating has become so built in the minds of car buyers today, it appears to be some type of social norm to try and haggle and negotiate a better price.

Keep in mind that most people only buy a new car every three or four years. This leaves them at a big disadvantage when it comes to haggling skills. On the other hand a dealer is training their sales staff every day how to get the most money on a deal and they do this all day long… six days a week.

This definitely leaves the dealer with a bigger advantage.


Why is all of this important when you go out to buy a car?

Because, as you understand how the car industry works you will be empowered with the knowledge to play the game and win, when it comes time to get your next vehicle. After all, we all want the best price and deal possible.

You can imagine the kind of power and peace of mind this gives you once you learn how to get your next car with ease and a good price.

Are you with me? As I mentioned earlier in this article I never discussed this concept before because I thought it was too powerful to release to the general public.

The biggest thing most people dislike when buying a car is the confrontation and haggling that goes along with the process. They really don’t understand how all of it works and how far they can negotiate on the price of a car to get what they want.

It’s just not possible to fit a $25,000 vehicle into a monthly payment of $300 a month with no money down. In this case most people will adjust their budget higher to get the car they want.

Then they leave the dealership with a lot of negative feelings about the entire car buying process, the salespeople and the dealer.

I wonder why cars don’t have fixed prices like computers.

One price shopping

What I love about the one price shopping is that it’s fair for everyone and eliminates stories like following.

Now think about this…

Let’s take a car that sells for $25,000 on the lot and a grumpy, older man comes in and is rude and mean to the salesperson and beats them up for five hours and haggles over everything… then he ends up getting the car for $23,000.

Now a woman comes in and just wants a dependable car at a fair price.

She is pleasant and nice to everyone in the store and has a great buying experience. (She might even be your mother.)

She ends up leaving with the same car as the man got, only she paid $26,000.

Why should the man be rewarded for being rude and mean to people?

With one price shopping they both would pay the same price.


Here’s the bottom line…

In a haggling and negotiating car pricing game the dealer always wins and benefits. One price makes less money for the dealer and saves everyone more money.

The best part of this scenario is that the consumer wins and is happier with a much more pleasant buying experience.

Rare thinking people like you know in your heart that there has to be a better way to buy a car.

Hey! The fact of the matter is…

We take everything you dislike about the car buying process and throw it out the door. Pushy salespeople standing out front of the dealership waiting for you to get out of your car, finance managers, sales managers, general managers and hours of negotiations are a thing of the past here at our office.

Our service allows you to get the new or used vehicle you desire, along with secured financing and have it delivered without you ever having to step into a dealership.

This saves you a lot of stress, valuable time and money.



We offer a good price without you having to negotiate or haggle.

We take the worry out of your car buying experience and offer you all makes and models of vehicles, new and used. We do the research for you and present you with an unbiased opinion.

When you use our service you only have to work with one person, they handle everything for you from getting you the vehicle you want, handling the financing, doing all the paper work and the delivery.

You will enrich your life immeasurably if you approach it with a sense of
wonder and discovery, and always challenge yourself to try new things.

Nate Berkus

You can try our new service, can’t you?

Our unique service for getting your next vehicle will “WOW” you in more ways than you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for a new or used vehicle we can help you get it without all the hassle and stress.

I’ve discovered over the years that most psychologists will tell you that there are only two basic motivators: Pleasure or Pain. You will either go towards what you want (pleasure) or move away from what you don’t want (pain).

Now keep in mind…

Pain is said to be more powerful and we will always move away from it. I have to agree; but I also want you to know I would not focus on pain, because I know what you focus on causes more of what you don’t want.

I simply don’t want to spread more pain in the world. When you focus on pain it makes you feel more of it. I don’t want to be a contributor to the pain and misery that so many feel around the car buying process.

That’s why we focus on fun and a happy experience here at JFR & Associates because it is a more noble route. Those who use pain as a motivator in their selling techniques have forgotten the power of our driving force in life: love.

People will swim upstream, walk across the desert, scale mountains and battle all odds in order to fulfill that driving force within them to love and be loved. Love rules all.

This is why we love what we do and are proud of the service we offer. We call it Love-Based Sales and Marketing.

As your view continues to expand…

Come on in and find out for yourself how to buy your next vehicle without all the stress, hassle and frustrations.

Send me an email or give us a call at 720-266-4941 and treat yourself to a fun and pleasurable car buying experience.

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