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Mike at JFR made my experience easy and smooth…

Mike Lather met with me the same day I called to make an appointment.

I went in and found the car I wanted. I was sure that I would not qualify for it though… and/or I would have to put down a big down payment!

I previously went to a couple other car lots the day before to try and get a car. I was told that my credit score was below 420 and I would have to get a car that I did not want… with a down payment of $1,000 to $1,500.

The Good News Was…

After meeting with Mike, I found out that my credit score was way above 550 and that I would qualify for a car.

I actually got the car I wanted and at the payment I told Mike that I could afford. On top of that… I was told that I didn’t need to have a down payment at all!

Mike made my day and I was able to drive off in the car that I wanted, with the payment that I had requested.

This is my second car from JFR and it will not be my last from there. I would definitely recommend JFR.

Thank you Mike for everything.

Shannon Kealiher from Denver, Colorado

I checked my mail and there was ANOTHER envelope from a car dealership, but this one was haunting me…

I had my 341 Meeting in the morning, and that very afternoon I checked the mail and there was ANOTHER envelope from a car dealership.

But, this one was haunting me (so I thought) because my attorney had given me this particular dealership’s name several weeks before.

I had been on their website off and on for a few weeks.

However, I opened up the letter and I read what Mike had to say, so I gave in and called him. We talked for a bit, then Mike asked me if I would like to come in and talk with one of the Specialist.

I went in and met with Donna Kidd.

We sat down and she explained the whole process to me and answered all my questions WITHOUT making me feel uncomfortable, or unwelcome at their business.

Donna is such an amazing personable person. After we went over all my numbers and what I was looking for I did let her know that I won’t settle. 🙂

Donna asked me to give her 48-72 hrs to find the perfect car for me. I agreed and exactly one week later from my first meeting with Donna, I met with her again and what a surprise she had waiting for me… MY NEW CAR!

My car is perfect and I fell in love at first sight. Donna is an absolute God send and she is a true blessing to the world of customers. I want to publicly say, thank you Donna you are AMAZING.

I have already referred 4 different people to you and JFR and I will be back in 12 months, and again after that.

Again… thank you for everything Donna, and JFR… and God bless.

Terri Holland from Westminister, Colorado

Here’s what happened after Mike helped me get a car over a year ago…

One year later I have returned to see Mike at JFR to refinance my car loan.

With his genuine guidance from one year ago to today my credit rating went up and he was able to get me a single digit interest rate whereby lowering my car payment by three digits a month.

I am so blessed that people like Mike Lather who care and want the best for people still exist.

Thank you Mike for helping me. I look forward to working with you again.


Patricia Robicheaux from Denver, Colorado

I was impressed just with the letter I received, so I went to their website to do more research on this company, and once again I was impressed with the reviews, then I looked at their inventory… and WOW!

I filed for my chapter 7 bankruptcy on the 29th of June 2015. A week after this date, I received mailing’s and phone calls from dealerships everyday.

I picked out one plain white envelope, no return address no dealer name on it. It was a hand written letter from Mike Lather at JFR & Associates. 

I called the next day and met with them. I went into the office with the thoughts of not being able to get a car. I was completely wrong!

I got to the office at 11:30 and drove off the lot with a 2013 Dodge Avenger,  with 40,000 miles on it, at 1:30pm. They went above and beyond helping me get this car.

Anything they needed I got it to them. Theyhad to go with a different bank, which helped me because it lowered my payments.

I now have a new start on life. I would have never been able to drive off the the lot with a two year old car, or one that had under 100,000 miles. I will refer anyone I know to come to JFR & Associates.

You all are the very best.

Nyree Adams from Denver, Colorado

Here’s What Terri Dunn, Attorney at Law, Wants You To Know…

I send my clients to JFR & Associates because of the outstanding personal service they receive. The feedback from my clients has been unanimously positive.

Terri Dunn - Attorney at Law - Colorado

Sara emailed us about her experience and had this to say…

Mike has helped us with the purchases of two cars and we could not be happier!

He made the whole process very easy and convenient… I highly recommend JFR & Associates.

Sara Foster from Breckenridge, Colorado

“I will use them again when I need to get another car.”

I have purchased two cars at JFR & Associates with Mike and Tammy, and I have been happy both times.

They got me the type of car I was looking for with the payment I wanted… even with my credit issues.

Denisha Scott from Broomfield, Colorado

I visited multiple stores, looked over many cars but it had been a waste of time. Until…

I want to express my gratitude to Alla “Emma” Tripolsky. I’m sure of that only thanks to her help I could buy a car satisfying all my demands. I recently immigrated in US and faced a problem of buying a used car.

First of all I decide to buy one from a regular dealership. I visited multiple stores, looked over many cars but it had been a waste of time. Dealers offered various cars but nobody wished passionately to help me.

All of them only performed their routine duties and persistently proposed to buy exactly their own makes of car, to say nothing of too higher prices.

Read the rest of Viacheslav's story…

I had been busy with this issue for a long time until my acquaintance advised me to apply to Alla Tripolsky. He had bought his last car with her help. I told my issue to Alla and she assured me that she will find the car I wanted real soon. At last I breathed with relief!

“Alla conscientiously found the best quality-price ratio and frankly told about all advantages and disadvantages of each offered car.”

In addition, if it was inconvenient for me to look over a car at JFR & Associates office, she drove this car to my home. And what is important that all cars they offer for final sale are only after a full inspection and disclosing the official vehicle history reports.

In the end I bought an excellent Toyota Camry, 2000! It took only a week!

Later, when I needed to buy a car for my daughter, I without reservation applied to Alla Tripolsky. And I once again got gratification to deal with her. More over we want to buy a car on credit with low interest. But it was almost impossible because we didn’t have any credit history. It was impossible for others, but not for Alla!

Thanks to her intercession we got the credit we needed.

And now my daughter has beautiful Toyota Yaris, 2007!

Now I insistently recommend my friends and acquaintances to apply to Alla Tripolsky for buying a car!

Viacheslav Starodubtsev from Centennial, Colorado

“The real reason to contact Mike is because of his appreciation for each customer…”

It would be easy to say just go see Mike for your car. However, when you hear NO so many times, you get to question the integrity of people when they tell you they can help you. When Mike says “YES” I can help you get a car, he means it.

However, this is not the only reason why you should visit him.

He has been doing this for many years, and he takes customer service as the first priority, and the sale of their vehicles second. It has been a blessing to find Mike, and I would encourage anyone, before buying anywhere else, to give this team a chance.

You will not be disappointed.

Thanks guys from our hearts.

BTW: We live in Colorado Springs and would drive all the way to Littleton to buy another car from him. Thanks again!

Gary and Linda Maestas - Colorado Springs

“The process was smooth, easy and actually fun.”

I have bought a lot of cars over the years and worked with a lot of car sales representatives, and Mike Lather at JFR is by far the best I have ever worked with. From now on, whenever I need a car, Mike will be the only one I call.

Car shopping can be exhausting, confusing and take up a lot of your time. Not with Mike. I felt instantly comfortable when I met him.

I always felt like he really wanted to find the best car that would fit my needs and desires.

Mike looked out for me like I hadn’t experienced from anyone else.

He went above and beyond the typical service I had experienced before.

Thanks Mike!

Debbie Louthan from Evergreen, Colorado

We make people happy every day.

“They actually restored my confidence about my ability to repair my financial life!”

I was having a difficult financial time in my life, that included an open bankruptcy, and was really limited in getting the things I needed for my family’s lifestyle.

Getting a decent and newer vehicle was one of my biggest concerns.

In June 2014, I was recently involved in a car accident and my van, purchased from a Buy Here Pay Here lot, was totaled out. In trying to replace my vehicle at the same Buy Here Pay Here dealer, I was given the run around, and treated as if I was incompetent to make decisions as a single woman with financial struggles.

Read the rest of Marnita's story…

The other dealers wanted me to put down over $2,000 dollars for cars that were more than 8 years old, extremely high mileage, and had a monthly payment of $400 dollars.

“I was mortified, upset and frustrated.”

I remembered receiving a letter sent to me from JFR & Associates, Bankruptcy Autos division, about two months before and took a chance and called them. From the first phone call with Mike, I felt at ease and trusted what he was telling me.

He listened to me and was genuinely concerned about what I needed for my family; not what he thinks I can only afford.

He understood and respected me as a person in a bad situation with realistic family goals that needed RELIEF, not as a consumer to increase the percentage of his paycheck.

He worked diligently and expeditiously and in less than one hour, he got me approved!

By that evening, he located a vehicle that fit my needs and wants… and within two days I signed the contract. I might add, all this happened in less than two hours and I never had any “buyers remorse.”

My car is the right size, year, price and I got it with no money down, and the length of term that worked for me.

“During my visit at the JFR office, I was able to meet three other of the associates and I must say, without a doubt they are the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet.”

If you are at all contemplating or concerned about how you can get a car with bad credit… and wondering how it’s all going to work for you… with things like money down, payment, credit history,  getting the right dependable vehicle, bankruptcy, etc… then by all means contact JFR anyway.

You will be surprised about what an auto consultant can do to help you financially!

I will tell you this…

I will never go to another dealer again when looking for a newer used car.

JFR & Associates… you won me over and had me at the first “Hello!”

Marnita Davis from Aurora, Colorado

“After I filed my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy my family found ourselves in need of a second vehicle and everywhere we went we were told no, or they wanted a huge down payment.”

My wife and I just bought a car from Mike Lather at JFR & Associates Inc. 

I filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy a few years ago, filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy a little over a year ago and have a repossession on my record, however that did not stop Mike from getting my wife and I into a car.

The other day I received a letter in the mail from Mike saying that he knows the situation of being in a bankruptcy, and trust me he really does.  When I first opened the letter my wife and I were saying to ourselves “yeah right, this is another no.” 

Obviously this was not the case this time.

Here's the rest of Jason's story…

I checked out their website then took a chance and filled out a credit application online.  The next day I called Mike and he said to come on down and he could get me into something. 

While still leery, and living in Colorado Springs I asked if he was sure because I have been told no too many times before and didn’t want to waste the gas to get up there if there was any possibility of a no. 

“Long story short it was not a waste of gas, nor a waste of time.”

The process is quick and painless, you fill out a credit application, take in a few documents and let Mike work his magic.  I got to the dealership at 1:00 and by 3:30 my wife and I were out the door with our new vehicle. 

This was definitely the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had by far.

If you are in a situation like mine; don’t have any money for a down payment, are in a bankruptcy, and are tired of being told no. Then do yourself and I a favor, go to JFR & Associates, in South Littleton and let Mike and his team tell you yes; not only yes to a car, but to a yes of rebuilding your credit and future.

Jason Yeager from Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I had been turned down for a vehicle loan at several places because of a chapter 13 bankruptcy and was desperate…” 

I recently purchased a vehicle from Mark at JFR & Associates and have to say it was the best auto purchasing experience I have ever encountered!

The people at JFR where so fun to work with and made the process so easy.

My car had just broke down completely and there was no fixing it. Additionally, I was going back to work after a five month leave of absence for medical reasons and had just gone through one of the most difficult times in my life.

Read the rest of Heather's story…

I needed a “yes” and I needed to get on with my life again, but I just kept hitting road block after road block until I called JFR.

I called on a Friday morning, submitted a pre-approval application and an hour later I got a call that said, “Come on down, we can help you get your car.”

I was speechless… finally a yes!

When I got to JFR’s office, Mark and everyone their was so personable and kind, I was immediately at ease. I felt absolutely no pressure to buy something. All of my financing options were explained to me and then we went out to test drive some vehicles, after two test drives I knew which car I wanted.

They really listened to my needs and found the perfect vehicle for me that also fit my budget.

The paper work I had to submit was minimal and an hour later I had my new car. I must say, it is the nicest car I’ve owned! Mark’s assistant was so kind and offered to follow me home so I could have my new car for the weekend, even though it was 4:30 p.m. on a Friday!

The whole experience was so pleasurable and easy.

I never felt harassed or taken advantage of because of my financial position. I highly recommend JFR to anyone looking for a vehicle – they will do you right!

I just can’t say enough great things about them, all I can do is write this testimonial and urge others to meet with JFR for your next vehicle purchase!

Heather Biaggne from Colorado

I owe Mike Lather my livelihood, my sanity and much gratitude.

Mike Lather at JFR & Associates was my last hope. My situation was much different, complex, complicated and delicate and had nothing to do with having my vehicle in my chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

Mike worked tirelessly for 5 1/2 hours straight talking with many lenders of which one lender finally “got it” and trusted Mike by saying yes to my loan. Even with my old financial history and credit rating that was fluctuating.

Mike is not only professional, but ethical, extremely knowledgeable, has integrity and genuinely cares about you and gets you the best deal he can.

Thank you Mike for everything.

Patricia Robicheaux from Denver, Colorado

“The other dealers were rude and tried to put me into these horrible old cars with a high interest rate and no warranty.”

I want to thank you for making the experience of buying my car such a pleasant one. From first talking to you and feeling that you are genuine and real, I felt comfortable through out the entire process.

After I had to claim bankruptcy, I was devastated and had several other car lots treat me like a second class citizen; even though I have a good job and always made my payments on time.

At JFR I was treated with respect and dignity and was shown cars that were beautiful and fit my needs.

Plus, my car has a bumper-to-bumper, manufacture warranty which gives me peace of mind.

Thanks so much…

I will buy my next car from you as well…why mess with perfection!

Sabina Hay - Denver, Colorado





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